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Venus: Your Trusted manufacturer of Thermal Lamination Film, Glitter Powder, and Tinsel Garland

Venus: Your Trusted manufacturer of Thermal Lamination Film, Glitter Powder, and Tinsel Garland


Gaylord Packers India Private Limited is an industry-leading manufacturing firm founded in 1992. We delight in providing high-quality thermal lamination film, glitter powder, and tinsel garland under our renowned brand, Venus. This blog will discuss our outstanding products, our commitment to quality, and how we have become an industry-trusted name.

Venus: Offering High-Quality Thermal Lamination Film

Venus specializes in manufacturing thermal lamination film from two flexible materials: BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) and PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). As a manufacturer of thermal lamination films, we are designed to give superior-excellent bonding

and protection to a wide range of printed materials. Films are available in various colors and finishes to meet the needs of our customers.

We are a manufacturer of Glitter Powder.

As we manufacture glitter powder, we ensure we provide superior quality glitter powder so that you can add a touch of magic to your work. We manufacture glitter powder that comes in various brilliant colors and is ideal for crafts, art projects, and various decorative applications. Our glitter powder is made with high-quality ingredients for long-lasting brilliance and bonding. Trust Venus to add the shine that will make your projects apart.

We manufacture Tinsel Garland that can be used to enhance celebrations.

With our stunning tinsel garland, you can add festive cheer to any occasion. Venus has many tinsel garlands in various colors, lengths, and thicknesses. Our tinsel garlands are designed to give a touch of glamour to any situation, whether you are decorating for a special occasion or embellishing seasonal decorations.

Quality and Innovation are essential to us.

In every phase of our manufacturing process, Venus prioritizes quality and Innovation. Our advanced facilities use cutting-edge technology to assure accuracy, consistency, and efficiency. We follow strict quality control procedures and conduct rigorous testing to ensure that our products satisfy the highest industry standards.

Environmental Sustainability and Responsibility

We recognize the significance of sustainability and are dedicated to reducing our environmental effects. Our production techniques have an emphasis on resource efficiency and waste minimization. We actively seek environmentally friendly alternatives and support responsible practices throughout our supplier chain.


Gaylord Packers India Private Limited, operating under the well-known brand Venus, has been a trusted manufacturer of thermal lamination film, glitter powder, and tinsel garland for over three decades. We enjoy providing exceptional products that fulfill our client's different needs. Venus is a trusted choice for individuals looking for high-quality materials for their projects because of its commitment to quality, Innovation, and sustainability.

Experience the quality of Venus products and let your imagination run high with our thermal lamination film, glitter powder, and tinsel garland. Trust our tradition and join us to bring your artistic concepts to life.