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We are manufacturing high quality hot stamping Foil, which are used to apply graphics to a surface with a heated die and foil. We offer a wide variety of hot stamping foil like gold, bronze powder, imitation gold’s and metallic colors, pigments, psychedelic, multi-color, wood grain and marble effects, brushed finishes, chrome, leather look, clear, pearlescent and holographic. The foils are qualities such as abrasion resistance, oil and grease resistance, and chemical resistance. These are available at market leading prices.

A hot stamping foil is a very useful tool especially to entrepreneurs who are in the paperwork industry or fashion industry. It makes it possible for the different types of designers to produce original artworks or easily replicate what a client wants. What the process entails is first choosing a material one wishes to stamp. The material can be paper, clothing materials like leather or even plastic materials. The material to be stamped is then placed in the hot stamping foil, though an important point to note is that the foil is placed in between the stamping machine and the material. The dye that is to be used should already have been placed on the lid after a bit of heating to ease and fasten the process of stamping.